About Us


Anne Francis

Norwich Healthy Living is the outcome of a lifetime of exploring positive, nurturing ways to lead a happier and healthier life.

Anne Francis is an award winning, Norwich-based businesswoman who has brought together a career in coaching, community development, tutoring and Dance Fitness to establish a unique facility for the whole community.

Anne is passionate about sharing what she has learned over the years and runs a highly collaborative and inclusive business model.

The idea of the Urban Retreat Centre grew from the building of a garden cabin in a garden in the heart of Norwich.

The NHL Garden Cabin

The NHL Garden Cabin

Together with Paola Colombo from MIND and Anna Mudeka  African Businesswoman of the year 2014 a plot was hatched to provide retreats, healthy lifestyle courses and stress management days for people from all walks of life.

We are very grateful to Awards 4 All for providing the seed funding to start the venture in 2015.

Other services provided by Norwich Healthy Living include;