An experience of the retreat at Norwich Healthy Living

14 Apr

retreat relaxation My 24 hour stay at Anne’s new Norwich Urban Retreat Centre was just what I needed after a period of increased caring responsibilities – some ‘me’ time that answered my plea to the universe to “stop the world, I want to get off!”  (It’s hard to step off the merry-go-round while it’s spinning!)


It was great to step off the world for a while and Anne’s Urban Retreat was a wonderful place to be, to just ‘be’.  Her warm welcome, delightful garden room and deliciously nutritious food ensured a relaxing and restorative stay, and I left feeling refreshed in mind, body and spirit.


From the pre-retreat consultation to the moment of departure I felt Anne truly had my needs at the heart of all she offered during my stay.   These are discussed, and your choices noted, during the pre-retreat consultation, so that Anne can holistically attend to all your needs and wishes.  Anne is also able to be flexible and makes it very easy for you to say what you’d like to do or change at any point during your stay.


I can thoroughly recommend the full body massage that Anne arranged for me to have in my room at the beginning of my stay, which started my ‘letting go’ in a wonderfully relaxing way – aahh, bliss…  Having discussed with me beforehand any dietary requirements, likes and dislikes, each meal was something to look forward to!  Along with her extensive knowledge of nutrition and health, Anne served tailor-made, delicious, organic, fresh and colourful food, which was lovingly prepared and beautifully presented.  All adding to the feeling of being nourished on all levels while I was there.


It may be hard to imagine how an urban retreat in a busy city can be restful and quiet – but it is!  The calm and welcoming atmosphere I experienced in Anne’s home, garden and garden room enabled me to relax and retreat from the busy world that was still close by when the time came to step back into it.


My heartfelt thanks to Anne for my mini (in length) but mighty (in goodness!) retreat!